What's Happening on the Farm


A lot of preparation is going on at the farm. We are busy installing/ repairing trellis, installing drip, disking, digging roots, general maintenance, organizing tractors, ordering parts, packing onions, and building bins.

Safety Training

Safety is our priority. The managers get together every Friday to address safety. We have a "Weekly Topic" that pertains to situations we might see happen on the farm, and we train the managers and employees on prevention and protocol. Additional training is conducted by Northwest safety, to address any incidents and
train corrective actions and preventions.

Planting Onions

Let's get prepped for planting onions! We're changing tires on tractors, servicing machinery, and getting parts ordered. We have a new planter from Mel Beck Precision Planters and a Drip Tape Injector coming from Martin Manufacturing.


Prior to planting, the soil needs to be prepped. Hops require plenty of climbing space, sun, and in their first year, they need plenty of water.


The hop has separate male and female plants. The female plant produces the flowers (used for brewing), while the male plant pollinates.



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